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  Does this scenario sound familiar: You have a task on your list and you think it’s a piece of cake. You start working on the task just a little in advance of its deadline and then the first issue comes up. You manage to solve it, but t... [More]

Introduction What does it take to be an Object Oriented Programmer? There was a time where I believed all that meant was that you worked with a language such as C#, C++, or Java. However, the more I get acquainted with newer technologies, the more I... [More]

If you have C# application and don't want to use Enterprise Library or Microsoft.ApplicationBlock. Data then I will suggest you to create your own custom SqlHelper class. Following code will help you to create your custom SqlHelper class, you can ta... [More]

Google has more than $44 billion cash on hand -- that's a whole lot of change the internet behemoth could spend how its leaders see fit. In the pas several years, Google has spent billions on companies, research and projects ranging from YouTube to w... [More]

A friend of mine shared an invite link at my Facebook wall explaining about new & unique social network name as Zurker. I researched on it & found very unique & different style. It will be very interesting to grow with them to see where t... [More]

As u already know that facebook CEO and founder Mark Zukerburg has stolen the idea of facebook from Winklevoss Twins in Harvard University in 2001..... later on Mark was sued and a compensation of 65 million dollar was paid to the Twins in 2007......... [More]

By Ramit Sethi We are terrible at interviewing. We walk into the interview room without preparing. We spend time worrying about "trick questions" and about what shirt we should wear, instead ofthe things that really matter. Worst of al... [More]

In IIS 7.0 and 7.5, the classic version of ASP is not installed by default. Because of this, you might see HTTP 404 errors when you try to browse to an ASP page on your server, or you might see the source code for your ASP page displayed in your brow... [More]

// This code example demonstrates how to create new GUID using System; class Sample {     public static void Main()     {     Guid g; // Create and display the value of two GUIDs. &#... [More]

Building a test claims-aware ASP.NET application and integrating it with ADFS 2.0 Security Token Service (STS) We will need an ADFS (STS) in order to provide authentication services for our application. Follow this link for instructions on settin... [More]

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